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Sanddorn Balance


Miyoko Shida Rigolo interprets the Sanddorn Balance in a mysterious, almost mystical way. It is immediately clear how profoundly Miyoko Shida Rigolo touches people with her performance. After just a few performances, she received invitations to Russian circus festivals and won prizes there (the Silver Medal and the Special Prize from the Russian State Circus at the 5th International Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia, 2012). Her first appearance in Spain was broadcast on television and the clip of her performance became an internet sensation: more than 10 million clicks within a few days. The whole world was talking about Miyoko Shida Rigolo and the art of the “Sanddorn Balance”.

Mädir Eugster Rigolo: “All the master dancer Miyoko Shida required from me was the technique for the Sanddorn Balance; the expression and interpretation she brings to it is pure Miyoko Shida. I am proud that Miyoko Shida has also taken the name Rigolo.”

Der westen: “The absolute high point of this acclaimed show was the multi-award-winning performance Sanddorn Balance by Miyoko Shida Rigolo.”

Der Schwarzwälder Bote: […] “at the end, when she took down the first white feather and the whole structure fell apart, the audience broke into frenetic applause […]


Dance Artist Miyoko SHIDA She was born in Fukuyama city (the East of Hiroshima Prefecture) in Japan. Educated at the Japanese literary department of Yamaguchi University, she started her life’s career as an assistant of journalist in TV and a planner of the marketing for the cosmetics' company. Later she discovered dance when she met deceased Emzaburou-Jun Kyoya (Tokyoza dance company in Japan) and after she arrived at one of solists and assistants choreographer in this company. Since 1997, she lives in France as a base and she has been working as Dancer and Choreographer in Europe in the several field of scene. She was invited from certain festivals and created her spectacles of dance-theatrical solos and ensembles.(1997- 2012) And the same time, she joined in other projects as Dancer, as Choreographer or as Adviser. Specially in Italy and Switzerland, in “Balance Tanz” with Anzu Furukawa (1999/2000) and "Balance performance ... und es drehte sich" (2000/2001) both for Rigolo Tanzentes Theater (Now, Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque) by Mädir Eugster. She played and danced as Soloist or Principal role for Bartabas(ZINGARO), in "Entr'aperçu"(2004) in Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and Lady Macbeth in "Les Juments de la nuit"(2008) in Château de Versailles Spectacles. Opera "La Passion" (2007) by Bob Wilson, that she is the substituter for Lucinda Childs in Théâtre du Châtelet. "Aventures et Nouvelles Aventures" of György Ligeti by Charlotte Nessi (Ensemble Justiniana) (2004/2007/2010) in Opera de Paris Bastille etc.

"This is my house" (2005/2006) by Choreographer Myriam Gourfink in Centre George Pompidou etc. "Fleurs de Cimetière et autres sornettes" (2011/2012) by Myriam Helve-Gil. "Home"(2012) by Anne Dreyfus. And also "NIHON-BUYÔ Japanese traditional dance Event" (2004-2010) with Juju Alishina(Cie.Nuba) . After long absence from the collaborations Rigolo Company, Mädir proposed to Miyoko for one of artists of "Sanddornbalance". He gave his technical method and his materials to Miyoko and she cultivated her own expression and interpretation for 6 months in Paris. Finally Miyoko made her debut in “ Sanddorn Balance by Miyoko Shida Rigolo“ in 2012. A few months after her debut, she received «The Silver Prize of The Fifth International Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia» and «The Special Prize of Russian State Circus Company» (2012) and also the others Prizes... In 2013, several weeks after the broadcast YouTube from Spanish TV "TU SI QUE VALS", it got 10,000,000PV. and she has been invited all over the world with "Sanddornbalance by Miyoko Shida Rigolo" until now in Gala-events or in the shows like "Little Big World"(2013) by Sebatiano Toma and "Snow show"(2013) by Slava. Actually she is also in the preparation for her new creation 2017.





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