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RubberLegz - Publicado el 7 may. 2018 / Directed by: RubberLegz Choreography RubberLegz / James Gregg / htps:// Booking contact: / Music: Moses Sumney - Doomed / Cinematographer: Dylan Schwartz / Editing: Rauf Yasit


Hollow one

With inverted tongue

From whence does fulfillment come

When I expel

From this mortal shell

Will I die for living numb

About us

Wewolf is a Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary dance collective that is focused on creating and working on different projects that bring their methods of dance and visual arts together. Even though RubberLegz and James are from different backgrounds, they have the same views on the way they see dance and how they want to translate their two voices into one cohesive choreographic method.

The mix of Rubberlegz’s self made abstract break technique with James’s background in contemporary, ballet, and urban dance has created a new visually dynamic style of movement.

This language has made a splash in not only the dance community, but with creators in many different genres of the arts.

Wewolf is interested in pushing boundaries in their work yet at the same time inspiring people world wide with their creativity. They are a fusion of urban and contemporary dance like you have never seen before.

Find out more about us on: / Music: Moses Sumney - Doomed Follow Moses Sumney: / Cinematographer: Dylan Schwartz / Editing: Rauf Yasit



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