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Entradas Destacadas

Street ART Performance


Art performance in Belgrade the capital of Serbia / Video: Marko Paunovic / Publicado el 15 de septiembre de 2013. Zona CRVENO / Música"Why Didn't You Save Me" de Nicolas Jaar (iTunes)


With this text I am presenting the explanation of this project and all of it surrounding elements to you. Nothing that is seen or written in this performance is fictive in any way. "Every being caries sexual power in itself which can reach the heat on such level that it wants to come out for any price". Unknown author I fully stand behind this documented performance, without any hidden thoughts.

As I wanted to show the erotic being which lies down under everybody's clothes, I decided to take several-months of sexual abstinence, to put myself in a state of mind of inner boil. While having this abstinence I started to develop this project by thinking, planning and organizing. Over time it was getting more and more intense. In my head I constructed an idea which didn't allow me to sleep for nights. This thought developed into a wish and became a need. I had to make it true! White clothes, including the mask, are the first part of this performance. It represents purity -- usually false morality and protection which every human being carries without exception. Red colour which comes through my clothes and is seen on the surface shows the strength of sexuality, which cannot be a hidden part of human nature, no matter how hard we try.

By undressing from bottom to top I emphasize the importance of the face, which I unmask at the end. Sexual strength and sensuality lie within our body and these are more physical features than our face. The face discloses the whole personality behind the mask. Red colour, a symbol of strength, sexuality, excitement and all inner instincts, emphasizes the erotic being which finally reaches the surface when I am standing naked in front of the audience! For my performance I chose the Knez Mihailova street on purpose because it is the main and most visited street of Belgrade.

The major reason for doing so was to show the dominance of the inner being which has always strived to present itself in front of the world. I did the performance without any vulgarity. Consequently, the whole project was well received by the audience and ended without any problems or incidents and was allowed by the police.





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