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Entradas Destacadas


Concept and Choreographie: Jenny Ocampo / Dancers: Rossella Canciello, Jenny Döll, Iro Grigoriadi, Iliana Kalapotharakou, María Sánchez Alonso, Music and Sound design y Alberto Lucendo / Set design: Jenny Ocampo / Filmed and edited by: Beatrix Joyce y Michela Filzi / Coproduced by Urbanraum, Berlin


DAMP SHEETS. The Expanded Being Project

A Dance Performance by Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve

Damp Sheets is part of an ongoing project Expanded Being, where choreographer Jennifer Ocampo explores the relationship between choreography and architecture. Inspired by the works of the American architect Gordon Matta-Clark (1942-1978), Damps Sheets investigates about new spaces between bodies and places, and between emotions and house`s edges, allowing a permanent instability to appear between their bodies and the walls, unfolding layers of memories and history.

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